cy (cychan) wrote,

Watched the Democratic half of the debate tonight, and you know... it wasn't all that helpful. The moderator stated at the beginning that he wanted the debate to be more of a dialogue between candidates rather than a Q&A session between the moderator and each candidate in turn, but in the end I didn't think he was very successful. Rather than highlighting differences between candidates, all we really got were variations on the following exchange:

A: I'm different because, unlike B, I believe that X.
B: That's not true, I believe that X as well.

The mudslinging was a total turn-off. Richardson tried to call the others out on it but ended up joining in later on.

It was interesting to see Richardson try to pass off a carbon cap-and-trade system as being less costly for consumers than a carbon tax... I was glad Obama called him out on it. We need leaders willing to publicly state the reality that reducing carbon output by any method will require some sacrifice. That is the only way to get the public to accept it and move forward constructively.

In the end, I thought Edwards came out of the debate looking the best due to his passionate speech against special interests. It's unclear though what exactly he would do to contain them once he got to the White House. I think I like all of the candidates a little more now than I did before watching the debate, especially Hillary.

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