cy (cychan) wrote,

A story of fundamentalism in America and its victims

From This American Life:
A Muslim woman persuades her husband that their family would be happier if they left the West Bank and moved to America. They do, and things are good...until September 11. After that, the elementary school their daughter goes to begins using a [district-wide approved and distributed] textbook that says Muslims want to kill Christians. This and other stories of what happens when Muslims and non-Muslims try to communicate, and misfire.
Listen to the second story segment (starting at 7:10) here. The teacher and administrators saw nothing wrong with the textbook, which stated that Muslims hate Christians, Muslims hate Americans, the Koran teaches war and hate, etc. The family was essentially chased out of the neighborhood (through harassment) for being Muslim. The story doesn't mention the exact town or state, but it was somewhere on the east coast.

I thought intelligent design in textbooks was bad, but this? This is a whole different order of magnitude of badness. Separation of church and state? Freedom of religion? Will we soon be saying goodbye to these aspects of American life? The mother wants to believe that this is an isolated incident, but I'd guess there are similar stories happening across the US.

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