cy (cychan) wrote,

Stephen Johnson has got to go

The head of the EPA is a crony. A few months ago, he made headlines forbidding California from instituting higher fuel economy standards. That action went against the recommendation of all of the EPA's scientific and legal analysts, and was likely highly influenced by the oil Bush administration.

Now he's again overruling the unanimous advice of his scientific advisory council who say that ground level ozone concentrations (which produce smog and cause heart attacks and asthma) should be lowered to 60 to 70 parts per billion.

The EPA analysts who made the recommendation conducted a cost-benefit analysis to account for both health benefits to society and costs to industry, yet Mr. Johnson, in his infinite wisdom, decided that he had a better idea of what the limits should be. By overruling his analysts, he is essentially making a socially and economically inefficient (by every measure but the polluters' bottom line) trade of human health for corporate dollars.

In the words of William Becker, "It's disheartening that once again EPA has missed a critical opportunity to protect public health and welfare by ignoring the unanimous recommendations of its independent science advisers."

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